Book recommendation: Power Stories

One of my favorite things about travel, especially flying, is that I get forced down time to catch up on some reading. So while my trip this past weekend was fairly short - I did get at least a little time to do some reading.

The first on my list was “Power Stories” by Valerie Khoo.

Overall it’s a pretty short but great read about how stories, more than anything else, drive what we feel and even how we act.

I enjoyed it so much that I actually started it when I first got to the airport and had finished it by the end of my flight!

For awhile now I’ve been telling those close to Coach Wizard that I’m more concerned with getting our story properly set in users minds than I am in ‘getting the product or features just right’…in fact I think getting the story right is specifically what drives getting the product and features just right (doing it in a different order just doesn’t work).

This book not only enforced that belief, it provided some other really great and inspirational stories to use as a bit of guide with.

Anyway - I would highly recommend getting a copy.

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