Brain hurts...

After spending the early part of the day hashing out minor problems for Bowker, I headed into the city to meet with Darren Herman and talk a little about the fantasy sports market.

It was the first time I had met Darren, so that in itself was worth the trip into the city (he’s a really cool guy)…but we actually spent a lot of time talking about the current fantasy sports market, and bouncing around some ideas for where we would like to take it…so that made it ten times more exciting.

When I finished up there, I headed back to Bowker for a bit so I could finish up a more bug fixes I was engaged in during the morning – and yes, I am quitting there in a few days but I still want any code I’ve touched to be as good as I think it can be - even if that means throwing in a few extra hours. I know, I’m crazy.

After finishing up at Bowker, I headed home to have diner with the family (kids ate just about nothing once again)…and my wife had to head out to ‘back to school’ night to hear how our oldest (Timothy) is doing in Kindergarten so far. This meant I was on bed time duty tonight…so the boys and I played for a bit and then I eventually got them into their beds and asleep.

Though I was already pretty tired myself by that point, I had been itching most of the day to get down to working on tournament support for Hero Brawl…it’s a feature I’ve been wanting to add in since the first versions of BotFu and for some reason, my brain decided today was the day I was going to really start tackling it.

For one reason or another, designing tournament support has given me a lot of mental flips…I know what I want to do, build bracket tournaments like what you would find in the NCAA march madness…but for one reason or another I have not come up with a backend design I like well enough yet to start coding it up.

Anyway, I think I’ve finally hit on just what I need/want to do to support the type of tournament features I want…and I’ve written up a bunch of notes on what I plan to do…but honestly I’m now just too wiped out to start coding it tonight…

But it does feel good to finally have a plan for tournament support in mind…we’ll see how much it changes once I get into really coding it!

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