Building a simple gifting app for facebook.

A couple of days ago I was chatting with Pat about some of our ideas and plans for Hero Brawl and an idea for a really stupid (but simple) facebook application came to me. Since, in theory, it was so stupid simple to build I figured why not spend a night hacking it out just to see if it hits?

Well tonight was that night…only the problem is that I didn’t actually get it done and/or released in just the one night like I had hoped.

As it turns out, facebook has put in a number of changes to their application API stuff since the last time I built an app for their stuff (see what just a few months of ignoring something can do!)…and in typical facebook fashion, the documentation on half of the ‘new’ details is either missing, fragmented, or just down right wrong (not to mention very confusing).

So long story short, something that *should* have been dead simple to do in about an hours time took me most of the night…and it’s still not done (which is why you’ll notice I didn’t spill the beans on just what the app is yet).

The good news, of course, is that I did figure out all the new little glitches and details…and I got a simple demo of what I wanted together…now I just have to go in and make it do all the 'cool’ things I envisioned and then of course try to get it officially approved so it’s listed in the facebook app directory!

I think I can finish it out in a few more hours of work…but that won’t be tonight as I’m at my 'SERIOUSLY DRAGGING’ stage already…if the motivation hits me, I’ll come back around to close it out tomorrow…otherwise it might be a few days.

Rest assured though, whenever I do get it close out and released, I’ll drop a mention here (and maybe even some of the backend code details/challenges that I referred to above)!

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