I am mostly offline this weekend as I am camping with the family (minus the wife, who gets this trip off each year).

We are at the campground that my aunt spends most of the summer…and while they offer wireless, and many of the campers are perm. structures…there is very little ‘tech’ going on here.

So instead of coding and digging around the Internet throughout the day, I’ve been spending my time chatting with real people in the real world (still with a heavy focus on the coach wizard concept — even though they prob. aren’t aware of my intent there).

Anyway - it’s been an interesting time getting some unique, real, opinions from my fellow unplugged campers (and super exciting/motivating because they are connecting with the need as much as I had theorized they would).

Which is just another reminder that it’s always useful to spend time in the real world with real people…

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