Catching my breath a little bit.

I’ve had a pretty busy past couple of days and nights chocked full of family, friends, and fun…but I’m pretty wiped out from the non-stop pace of it all these past couple of days, so tonight’s shaping up to be a nice relaxing and quiet night at home maybe even with a little time to catch up on some reading.

Before I take off though, I did have a couple of quick ideas to share…eventually I might do something with them, but for now I simply share them in hopes of not forgetting about them (and in case anyone else out there wants to take the time to build one…or encourage me to build it by showing an interest!)

1. Adwords for Twitter. Basically the idea would be to create a simple platform that advertisers can use to request tweets and/or mentions of their products/services…and reg. folk like you and I can then earn some money by tweeting/mentioning the ones we want to … there’s actually a few companies already working on some things like this … and so I’m not sure if I’ll have the resources or energy to make my own attempt (but if I do, expect a lot of the momentum project I’ve mentioned in the past to resurface for the system I’m envisioning).

2. Email-to-Twitter. This is going back to my last post…I actually met the guy that posted the orig. request at Charlie’s Mets game last night and we talked a little bit more about the challenges and how I would approach it…I’m not sure how many people would actually end up using it, but it’s interesting enough to me that I will probably go ahead and at least build a personal version for my own needs at some point.

3. Twitter as a query service. Specifically I’m thinking about this from a fantasy perspective but it could (and probably should) be expanded way beyond my initial needs/wishes…anyway, what I’m basically thinking is that a user should be able to @ or direct message a specific Twitter account with a question and get the basic answer…so for example, during your fantasy draft you could do something like:

@draftwizard packers #WR

and then in a few seconds/minutes you would get either an email, a text, or a tweet (most likely a tweet) listing the top 5 or so WR from the Packer’s current depth chart (actually as listed in the system).

I figure it would be cool to start with depth charts, but it would be pretty easy to quickly move beyond it and even do things like make suggestions (maybe even with some stats)…for example:

@draftwizard Larry Johnson vs. Darren McFadden

and the system would basically check our ‘magic’ player rankings, do some other 'expert’ calculations, and return you an answer maybe something like:

@falicon 1. L. Johnson (14td, 1200) 2. D. McFadden (3td, 634).

Of course those stats are completely made up at the moment since, contrary to popular belief, I don’t memorize stats…anyway, in the real scenario, it would list stuff like the # of TDs and yards gained last season (so you can then ultimately make your own educated decision).

There’s a lot more to each of these ideas, and if and when I find time, I’ll try to break them down a bit more…but for now, I think it’s time to go read and chill out for a bit!

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