Catching the wave at the right time...

Web search wasn’t really a big problem when Google started. The web wasn’t that big and not that many people were really using it as a large part of their day.

But usage was about to explode and as it did, search was going to become a bigger and bigger problem…Google was simply ahead of that curve and in the right position to benefit.

In fact, if you look into almost all of the biggest, best, and brightest success stories around ‘unicorns’ past and present…I think you’ll see that same thing over and over again.

It’s just a matter of catching the trend early, identifying the big problem(s) it’s going to bring about, and then building the right solution that’s ready to scale along with the need.

Simple right?

So what are some of the trends we are just at the start of?

Mobile? (in many ways we are already too far along in the trend)

Crypto-currency? (maybe/probably)

Smart sensors/connected devices? (yes)

There must be a bunch of others too…so what other trends do you think are just around the corner? What problems will they bring with them?  How you can you position yourself to be there with a solution as they come about?

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