cool, passionate people.

I have a ton to share tonight, but I don’t have the energy to share it all (the usual catch-22 I guess).

Anyway, the thing I absolutely have to share is that I got to spend a little time meeting up with some really great people tonight.

First up was Bruce (who owns Information Express and…I always enjoy getting to hang out with Bruce because he’s involved in a lot of wild things and knows lots of interesting people. That all translates into great ideas and conversation, and I always leave with lots of energy and excitement.

After I left Bruce, I headed up to meet with Charlie (who is starting up Path 101)…it was my first time actually meeting Charlie in person, so I was really looking forward to that as well.

We talked a little about a lot, and it’s clear that he’s going to be successful with Path 101 (or whatever other projects he gets involved in)…not just because he’s smart (which he really is), but mostly because he cares about people.

If I had to guess, he probably doesn’t even realize that he has that core trait. But really almost everything we talked about showed that he thought (and cared) a lot more about the people and how things effect people than the ideas themselves.

Anyway, he’s quickly becoming one of my favorite people to follow online…and I’m giddy to have gotten the chance to meet him in person for a one on one chat.

Outside of all the cool people I got to spend time with today, I also got some interest in from the USA Swim team…I’m bouncing some emails and ideas back and forth with them…if nothing else, it’s just exciting to see the project start to get some legs. Who knows where it can go!

Oh and I put some more time into cleaning up this blog software so I can submit something to semantic hacker…I’ve pretty much updated the code base to support both MySQL and MS SQL now…

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