Didn't work Wednesday: Hivemind

Hivemind was yet another little Twitter hack that I put together after the success of conversationlist. The core idea was to be able to list out a group of twitter accounts and get a quick view of who they all follow (that you don’t).

It was a fairly quick and easy hack to throw together and it actually worked pretty good and got some good writeups and feedback…including this:

However - the biggest problem was that it was solving a *very* niche problem (that really should have been a part of Twitter directly)…and it was also a “once in awhile” type of problem (nothing really sticky about it)…and of course there was no obvious way to make money from it at our small scale.

Twitter eventually released a suggested user system (and I now get tons of, annoying, emails and alerts about who I should follow). While I don’t think they’ve nailed it all just yet, I do think it’s basically “good enough” and certainly makes a lot more sense as a feature for them than a product by me.

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