Disqus.com + Google Adwords.

I was watching the NFL games yesterday, as I do on almost every Fall Sunday, via my DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket package and throughout the day, as you would expect, I was bombarded with a number of ads.

I actually notice the ads when I’m watching football, because well, it’s a live sports event and I have no choice but to wait out the ads until the game comes back on…and they have a massive amount of repetition during the games so the ads tend to stick in your head (I believe this is actually pretty smart on the part of the NFL and their advertising partners, but that’s a tangent to my point here).

Anyway, One of the many ads that tends to annoy me more than the others is the ad for the DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket pacakge. It annoys me because obviously I’m already a DirecTV subscriber AND I’m already an NFL Sunday ticket subscriber…now I know that broadcast TV, or even Satelite TV, doesn’t really have the ability to tell that and dynamically stream me the appropriate advertising…

But the internet definately does…and so that got me to thinking, wouldn’t it be nice if there was some place I could specify the types of ads I am willing to put up with (or maybe even actually WANT to see) and then whenever I went to various sites around the internet and there was advertising, they customized those based on my requests?

What I’m thinking of here is basically a cross between what Google Adwords does and what Disqus comments does.

In case you aren’t familiar with them, briefly, Google Adsense basically gives websites a widget to serve up ads on their sites…the web site owners earn a small commision on those ads (based on clicks and impressions). Meanwhile, Disqus is a comment system that also gives websites a widget to allow for people to comment on just about anything…a user has one account that that they log comments as, and any site that’s implemented the disqus system allows them to post comments as that one user…so user’s have a collection of the comments they’ve left around the web (there’s more advantages to the disqus system than this, but that’s the thing that’s important to me in this analogy)…

So basically, from a ‘sellers’ and a 'publishers’ point of view, it would be almost identical to adsense. From a user’s point of view, it would be a lot like disqus…when I go to a site that is serving up ads via this system, as long as I’m logged into my account I can change up my prefernces (ie. train the system to fit my unique preferences)…and therby provide myself with better ads, the publishers with better chance at click-thru percentages, and the 'sellers’ with even better feedback and targeting…

It’s a rough idea, but at least on the surface, it seems like it *should* exist…so…someone please go forth and build it!

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