Divided States of America

42 years I’ve been silent,
but one more & I might turn violent.

Federal power vs. states rights,
treated like it’s days vs. nights.
Nobody open for debate,
arguments driven by hate.

Abortion. Politics steeped in religion,
There is no easy decision.
Can’t have separation of church & state,
if you believe God controls your fate.

Guided by common core.
Trophy for every place.
Nobody learns anymore.
Don’t even have to race.

Foreign policy run like the mob
everyone’s gotta pay for the job.
Spend big, weaponize.
World better recognize.

Russian spies, government lies.
Ignore the people’s cries.
How quickly freedom dies.

Cower behind a wall,
Justice, but not for all.


Racism still a disease,
ignored, unchecked
it spreads with ease.

Passed down through generations
normalizing abominations.
Airborne & highly contagious,
still an issue, simply outrageous

Media chases it’s tail,
Rich don’t pay the tax.
Working man left to fail.
We’re given alternative facts.

Small business owner,
laws bemoan her.
Struggling to keep the doors open,
Her mantra, just keep hopin’.

And ain’t it funny,
spend all our time
trying to earn money.
That extra dime.

Bitch & moan, pitch a fit.
Throw up your hands & quit.
Or use the pain
to focus and train.

After all it’s love & laughter,
our hearts are really after.

But time erodes all,
even the glory.
Empires fall,
and we forget the story.

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