Doing a little research among other things...

We’ve been cranking on the past few weeks and things are really starting to come together so I’m pretty excited.

Of course there’s still a ton we have to do before we really ‘tell the world’ about the game…and there’s even more we want to do before it will be at the level I think it can be (and that I want it to be at). But I guess that’s always the case with my personal projects, they are never quite done or quite right in my mind.

Anyway - tonight I decided it was probably about time that I spent a little time researching some of the 'competition’ for our little game. Now you might be wondering why I’m just now starting to research competition after having started design and building processes…and the simple reason is that I didn’t initially start his project as a commercial venture.

I started it because I wanted to build a couple of simple games I could play with friends…maybe do something involving SMS and text messaging. I had no plans or ideas for how it would make money – or even if anyone outside of my handful of friends would ever know about it or play with it.

So without aspirations, I also didn’t have any competition. But that’s all changed now - well sort of.

Now that we’ve moved away from the simple botfu fight game idea and into the knock-down, drag-out, world of social comic book games…we’ve got aspirations galore…and that also means we’ve got competition in all shapes and forms.

The closest thing to what we are currently attempting to pull of right now is probably (which I think I’ve mentioned around here one or twice before as well)…so that’s the game I’ve been spending some time poking around tonight.

My first impression is that they do a lot of nice things, but I think Hero Brawl is going to be more of a social game, with a bit more strategy tied to everything, and of course a lot different graphics. Long term, I also think our plan is to have a more engaging and involved plot - but to start it probably won’t be much more than the basic kind of things duels does.

So all of that is especially exciting and motivating…especially given that reports have Duels as being a very popular (and profitable) game.

But we’ll see just how on target we are when we head out and start trying to get people interested in our game(s)…I know it won’t be as easy as we hope/wish it to be…but for now, it really feels like we’re heading down a solid path.

Guess I better get back out there tough and do some more 'research’ on a couple more competitors to make sure!

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