Don't let the negativity snowball out of control

Overall, I’m enjoying reflecting on some of the many mistakes I’ve made and experiences I’ve had in my “Didn’t work Wednesday” series…but one of the risks is that it can quickly turn the mood of my blog (and writing) towards the negative.

And I’ve found over the years that crankiness and negativity can really snowball out of control.

So the trick is to walk the fine line between learning from past mistakes and reliving the emotions of the time.  Time helps a lot on this front (and so far I’ve been mostly talking about mistakes that are 10+ years old now – so it’s easy to not be very emotional about them now).

I was reminded of this fine line today when reading the Gotham Gal’s latest post (she talks about a frustrating situation she has just gone through, and how she uses reflection to stay focused and true to her strengths).

There are plenty of things that frustrate me in my day-to-day, and plenty of opportunities for me to  feel down or negative, but there are also lots of things that thrill and delight me in my day-to-day and gobs of opportunities for me to feel up beat and positive.

I think this is probably the reality for most people…and the secret is everyone can choose which to focus on. Which to experience more. Which to engage with, embrace, and allow to develop into an uncontrollable snowball.

Which one are you going to choose today?

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