Exciting times...

So Charlie finally got a handful of people into a room to talk about some potential project ideas tonight…and I was lucky enough to be one of those people!

As it turns out, we didn’t come up with any great ideas for a project that isn’t sort of being done in one way or another…but I do hope to talk a bit more with some of the people on tangent topics (especially Kortina who had a really great tangent idea about Twitter and gmail status stuff).

Anyway - the most exciting thing about the whole night for me was just getting into a room with such smart, talented people who are all there to bounce ideas around…I just love that kind of stuff! (though I do wish I had more useful things to add to the overall conversation).

Anyway, one of the new people I met at the event was Jade who is doing some really spiffy things with zenbe.com (I’m going to be heading out to create an account and play it myself after this)…I actually didn’t get a ton of time to talk with her one on one much, but I got enough of a taste to know her blog (and Twitter feed) is worth following for sure!

Actually it’s very funny, because I got home and noticed a few of the people who were in the room tonight had already started following me on Twitter (though I’ve had a Twitter account forever, I never really use/update it)…one of the new followers was Jade and so of course I returned the follow…anyway, the funny thing is that the most recent tweet she had when I started following her was about Brady being out for the season!

Those of you that know me, know anyone who talks football (guy or girl) automatically goes up a notch in my book…oh and the other really cool thing I found out about her? She’s from Queens and has a connection to Hell’s Kitchen…why’s that cool? Well my wife is from queens, and I met her while we were in Hell’s Kitchen…so any girl with that same connection get ‘cool’ credits just by association ;)

Anyway - I’m rambling a bit here (as usual) and I still have a ton more to share!

Another very interesting thing I took away from tonight was that there is a CLEAR need for an online reputation system…nobody seems to have a clear idea on just how to make it work, but we all seem to know it’s a problem that needs solved.

What makes this so interesting though is that Zed Shaw has also expressed a desire for an online reputation system (I think he’s even working on an open source solution to it)…and Nate was asking for it the most tonight….now if any of you know Zed or Nate, you would know that they are about as opposite as you can get (though I really like both and *think* I get along with both)…I’m pretty sure that if you put these two guys in a room together for extended bit of time, they would both kill themselves.

But, they both really want an online reputation system…which to me means whenever it’s solved/addressed…it’s going to be google huge (which is X times bigger than just plain old huge).

OK I could probably ramble on forever about the various cool bits of stuff I grepped from this meet up (I haven’t even had a chance to mention how cool Jason is!)…but I do have a couple of other quick personal project things I wanted to dump out tonight too…so let me just do that real quick:

1. The botfu.com ideas and designs are really starting to come together behind the scenes…and I was able to nab a new domain today that I think we may switch the project too: HeroBrawl.com - what do you think?

2. For throwing statsfeed back together in about a night, things are working amazingly well so far…it’s been a huge help that my friend Heath stepped up to help me out…but I’m still impressed that this basic code base has kept this project going in one fashion or another for about 6-7 years now…makes me wonder what I could have done with this business if I ever actually focused on it full time!

So much more I want to share…but I think my brain is fried enough for one night, and I’ve blabbered on too much again for one post…so I’ll call it a night here!

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