Forget the honey - I wants the MONEY!

So we broke down today and sold out a bit on Hero Brawl by integrating a few ads.

Actually, as far as having ads goes, I’m pretty pleased with what we put in place so far:

1. We added a small google adsense section to the active brawl page…it’s placed just above the ‘brawl history’ and 'brawl chat’ sections (so it’s fairly prominent) and because it’s driven by google, most of the ads seem pretty relevant to either gaming, the hero concept, or comic books (cool). I also kept in line with the rest of the site and so I think the look and feel fits pretty well - and best of all - if you don’t want to see the ads you can just collapse the section of the screen (of course it’s expanded by default and we do hope you’ll find one or two interesting and click on them!)

2. I added the Offerpal ad system to the 'buy credits’ area (and we are going to work it into the 'equip’ area soon too. What OfferPal is, is basically an ad network where people do things like set up NetFlix trial accounts and in exchange they earn Hero Brawl credits. Technically systems like Offer Pal (and Super Rewards) are designed to be used in social network applications and games (for example mob wars is rumored to use offer pal for it’s favor rewards system on facebook)…but as it turns out, with very little effort you can get them to work just as easily outside of a social network (sweet).

In the end, these two small steps will probably not make us much money…but they will make us a little, and they are a start on the path to making money with the project (from the user side). So that’s at least a little exciting to me right now. (I’ve also got a lot more plans and other angles of business models I want to explore as well - so this really is JUST A START to what I hope will be much bigger and better things).

I’ll try to keep you updated on how it all works out for us as we move along…for now though, here’s our starting point the day we added ads and a rewards system:

Accounts: 232
Brawls Completed: 7,987
Money Earned: $0

Let’s see where it goes from here!

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