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Somehow I’ve found myself spending my days mostly dealing with a custom PHP framework (very much like CakePHP but not actually CakePHP) serving up a REST style web service all with an Oracle backend…I’m also helping to debug/build the primary front end that will consume this service which is also PHP based (no framework) and has a heavy dose of Javascript baked in…to make things just a little more interesting, the front end is controlled through a coldfusion based CMS (also with an Oracle backend). Code releases for the web services are done via subversion to the various dev, test, and production linux machines…code releases for the CMS controlled front end are done via a web-based CMS version control system (and good old copy/paste). There are of course a handful of configuration scripts and settings for each part of this within each server (and of course there are things like clustering and failover that have to be worked into the final situation). So as you can imagine, debugging even the easiest of issues is quite the process (at least I do have knowledge/access from end to end so given enough time I actually can track things down from end to end and attempt to fix them)…but thanks to most of this, my actual ‘coding’ time as of late has been about zilch. Freak'in awesome eh? Anyway, I figure since I haven’t had a chance to work on implementing any of my random facebook/myspace ideas as of late…I would share them out here for any of you thousands of readers to take and run with (OK any of you two readers!). Here goes:

Idea 1 - Facebook and MySpace application: Gifties: Connect your friends to the gifts that fit them best. 1. You get a set of 'starter’ gifts. 2. You give each gift to the friend you think would like it the most. (1 point for each give). 3. You earn 1 point for each day they keep the gift. 4. You lose 5 points if they re-gift your gift. User generated gift details (title, content). Things to still figure out for gifties: How to motivate people not to regift when an item is a good fit? Points for keeping X number of items? Rate how much you like the gift you got?
Idea 2 - Facebook and MySpace application: a “which friend would you pick” app - randomly pick two of the person’s friends, and then ask them a question and have them choose which friend they would pick (ie. you just won tickets to a Bon Jovi concert and you have to decide who to take between X and Y. Who do you take?)
Idea 3 - Facebook and MySpace application: drinking game (quarters?); you try to outdrink your friends…like botfu fight but instead of losing life points, you gain drunk points until you pass out (or throw up).
Idea 4 - Facebook and MySpace application: You and X number of your friends are just hanging at the local bar (why not buy a round for everyone right now?)…when all of a sudden the follow group of X celebrities walk in and say they want to party with your group! You’ve got to pair everyone up, and quick! So the basic idea here is to make people match their friends up with celebrities (keeping one out of the group for themselves)…you would randomly select the set of celebs so it would always be different every round…and then of course you get to tell their friends who so and so has paired you up with and who they kept for themselves (and you get to see who they paired you up with as well as and who they kept for themselves). Plus you can sell virtual rounds of drinks and maybe some other virtual goods related to the game (for $1 you can virtually slap your friend for pairing you up with Mr. T!).
Anyway I think some of these would be cool (well for facebook/myspace apps - which honestly are all lame, but that’s a whole different rant)…so steal these ideas, add your execution, and let me know when you have them ready. I’ll definitely play with them! :)

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