Game Time Play v0.9 released

The idea for Game Time Play initially came to me as a potentially interesting side project to tackle some day as I’ve been (slowly) putting together Coach Wizard stuff.

It seemed like it would be fairly quick and easy to throw together, and potentially interesting, but I just didn’t have the resources to commit to it at the time…so I tucked it away in the “maybe in the future” part of my brain and moved on.

Then a few months later, the OnDeckCup hackathon came to my attention and I thought it was the perfect excuse to try and execute the Game Time Play idea.

So that’s what we did…and now, a week-and-a-half later, our weekend hack project, is finally polished up enough (though still a bit clunky) to be considered ’officially released’ (but only v0.9).

I submitted it to the three big app stores earlier this week, and it’s already available in the Google Play store as well as the Amazon Marketplace…Apple, as expected, is still pending review (and will probably take a few more weeks before it works it’s way through).

For the most part, the project is basically the same as what we built over that initial weekend…just cleaned up a lot.

We worked out (most) of the bugs we could find, cleaned up a bit of the design and UI, added a few key (but non-essential for the hackathon) features that we couldn’t fit into the weekend, and of course built out more of the supporting web site (all the same basic functionality as the mobile app).

I took somewhat of a break from my Coach Wizard efforts while working on this for the past week plus…but really I now think of this as just a first product offering from the Coach Wizard universe because the intended audience (parents and kids) is really the same, as is the overall mission.

Both are really about getting out and active in the real-world in sports and active play.

It’s also been a great exercise in putting some of my thoughts and theories around the bigger Coach Wizard concept to the test…and if nothing else, because the bigger thing is taking a long time to get together, it feels great to be able to put something (even if just a small product) out for people to start using.

So - if you’ve got a few seconds, please head out to Game Time Play and check it out (maybe even install the mobile app)…and then let me know what you think and how we could make it even better for you!

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