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Today marks the official first release of the ‘group’ feature for

Admittedly it’s probably still a little buggy…and not all that pretty of a feature (Pat is working on spicing up the look for us as I write this)…but it’s out there and available for the masses none-the-less.

Basically what this new feature does is let you define a set of players you want to track all at once. Really, it’s just a glorified filter for the leader board…so you can narrow the view down to just the players you want.

Anyone can create as many groups as they want. And each group can have an unlimited number of players included into it.

Including players into a group is a simple process, and doesn’t require any form of approval (since it’s really just about narrowing the leader board which is public information to begin with).

Once a group is set up, anyone can search for it and view it…for example here’s a link to a test group I set up that includes just Pat, myself, and Brian (the three people primarily working on the concept right now):

When you get a second, check it out…and as usual, let me know what you think!

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