Getting started.

Once again I find myself over-exhausted WAY too early in the night, so I’m going to make this a very short post (and really I don’t have a ton to talk about tonight anyway).

Probably the best thing worth sharing tonight is the fact that I finally got going with the project tonight. I didn’t get so far as to have anything useful ready to show just yet, but I did at least get started (and if I wasn’t so tired, I would probably be able to crank out over half the project by the end of the night – guess we’ll see how true that is the next time I get a bit of time to work on it).

Outside of that, I also put in a few minutes on the waypointme project that we are (slowly) starting up, and I also dug around a bit in the latest code changes Donnie made for our momentum project.

Actually, the stuff that Donnie is doing on the momentum project is really pretty interesting (it’s XQuery based), and as I work through it a bit more, I’m sure I’ll have some interesting things to share on it all here.

So anyway, that’s about it for tonight. Like I mentioned, it’s nothing too exciting and I’m too tired to try and come up with something exciting right now.

So goodnight!

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