Good meetings.

Today started with a large dumping of snow and both kid’s schools calling to inform us that they would be closed for the day (which meant it was going to be a LONG day for my wife – sorry).

I was still scheduled to head into the city for work, and with the kids being stuck around the house all day it seemed like a good idea to stick to the plan (Love the kids but it can be a challenge to get things done when they are home all day).

Anyway because of the snow, I decided it would be a smarter move to take the train into the city rather than do my normal drive to Journal Square (where I then take the Path train the rest of the way to 14th street). This would also give me a chance to finish up the IWoz book I’ve been reading (about Steve Wozniack).

Well as it turns out, with the weather, of a course a train was broken down and only one track was open…so long story short it took me 2+ hours to get into the city today. (but I did get through all but the last chapter of my book – so I’ll be able to tackle the rest on the reverse trip I’m sure!)

Getting into the city aside, it’s actually been a VERY good and productive day and I got word on a few projects that are about ready to get going.

First, a related one ( is the place I actually work full time, but rarely seem to mention on this blog). We are going to be developing an API that will hopefully make it easier for publishers and others to get/share some review content (and especially links to review content).

The reason that’s exciting to me personally is that I’ll get a lot of freedom on how we actually do it (right now we’re leaning towards doing it as a Perl Catalyst project – surprise surprise eh?)…anyway what it really means I can finally start clean up a lot of the legacy system (that I’m actually responsible for creating in the first place) and start moving us away from Coldfusion (and get us cleaned up on some system side things too).

The plan, well at least my personal plan, will be to write the API in such a way that eventually we’ll use it ourselves to power the end-user (and reviewer and editor) front ends…and so the work of replacing all that stuff will not be as large a task when we are finally ready to tackle it as well.

By the way, the fact that 99% of the system is in Coldfusion is probably the reason I never blog about the daily work…there just doesn’t seem to be anything of note to really blog about there anymore (sad really since I’ve been doing coldfusion stuff since at least 1995 for one company or another).

The other project is just a for-fun personal project that I’ve been bouncing around with Jason (you can also find him on Twitter @Jschwa)…anyway, we met for a quick lunch today and to talk over his ideas/plans for our little project. From that meeting it seemed like we were really on the same page on what we wanted for version one and I’m excited to get this thing going for him.

The plan will be to do this one in Ruby on Rails, with a Postgresql backend and host it on to start…so being excited about it, I went ahead and set up my own little dev/test account with today as well.

As part of that, I grabbed the domain to use for the dev/test location…but don’t bother going there yet as I haven’t started the code and so nothing is there (which is why I’m not even linking to it in this post). But maybe you can guess what the basic idea of the project is now that you know the development domain (hint the dev name could easily turn into the production name)?

So anyway - all work aside, both of those two meetings and announcements made coming into the city today WELL worth it. Of course they both just mean the real fun is about to begin…actually developing this stuff!

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