Good wins vs. bad wins

I prefer to win, but I’m really only content when I know I’ve done and given my best.

If I win, but wasn’t challenged and didn’t push myself, I’m not that happy or content with the win (bad win).

If I lose, but didn’t perform to the level that I know I’m capable of, I’m beyond frustrated with the loss (bad loss).

If I lose, but pushed myself throughout the effort and feel as though I did everything I could, then I’m actually excited for the loss and almost immediately want to repeat the challenge (good loss).

And of course, if I’m pushed and challenged and then win, I’m pretty excited and proud of the win (good win).

This is pretty much how I feel across the board in any type of competition - sports, academic, business, or life in general.

When it comes to business, I think many people believe that fortunes are made and true success is discovered from ‘bad wins’ - and they are probably right to some extent. 

I see the opportunity for 'bad wins’ all the time, but I just can’t get myself motivated to go after those 'bad wins’. I’ve got to have 'good wins’ or 'good losses’ to be happy.

And I think that you only find the 'good win’ where there is also a high chance of a 'good loss’…since I believe I learn the most from the 'good loss’, I actually find either outcome acceptable throughout the journey.

The trick I’m still working on figuring out is to have enough time, energy, and resources to eventually turn those 'good losses’ into 'good wins’ before the end of my journey…

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