Hating the love or loving the hate?

As some of you know, I’m starting to dig much much deeper into some Twitter ideas and applications…and as part of that, I find my brain spending WAY too much time contemplating the idea of relevance.

Or more specifically, how to determine from some random text just what are and are not relevant words and phrases…all of which is really just step one in attempting to figure out what are and are not relevant topics.

At the start of thinking about all of this stuff, like most ‘interesting’ topics, it seems very simple and logical…and it’s just the type of thing that the human brain can do almost without thinking (but not really)…so it’s easy to make all kinds of wrong assumptions and spend lots of time going down dead-end paths (which honestly is where the real learning comes in anyway!)

So it’s interesting stuff and it’s easy to see the need and the market around it all…but it’s also difficult to get right and so it’s easy to hit a wall. It’s easy to give up (btw - it seems to be an inverse law there, the harder something is, the easier it is to give up, the more valuable the solution or rather A solution probably is).

Anyway, I think the real trick with this sort of problem (as with many things in life) is to just keep chipping away at it…power through the boring parts, soak up the interesting parts…but just keep working on it (go in spurts if you have to)…the more you put into it, the more you learn, and more people you’ll pass along the road…

In the end, I guess I’m saying be the Tourtise and not the Hare…pick your races for sure, but once you do try to stay in the race for as long as you can…and good things will come from it - eventually.

So I’ve more or less just started this semantic, relevance, topic, whatever race…but I’m feeling good after the first mile or so and I think I’m ready to commit to sticking it out…at least until I can get past that mile marker where the majority of other racers drop out…

Stay tuned to see just how the rest of the race goes!

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