Heading out...

Tomorrow the family will be heading out on a short 5 day vacation…so I’m not sure how much I’ll post in that time. And honestly I don’t have a ton to talk about tonight either as I’m mostly just trying to get organized for the trip.

Over the course of the last few days I’ve been doing a lot of the little chores I’ve been putting off for some time now…this included attempting to swap out the dead hard drive in my old Mac Mini.

The actual act of taking out the old hard drive and putting in the new one was actually very simple. That’s where the good news ends though.

Apple makes it near impossible to install anything but the same OS that the computer came with (I have three copies of Mac OS X thanks to owning three different Mac computers - finding the right one for that mini was a chore in itself!).

What I really want to do is convert that mini into a Linux box to toy around with…but it won’t let me just install from a CD onto a blank hard drive (no that would be too easy)…so first I need to install the Mac OS X from disk…then I can set up a dual boot situation…

Of course for some unknown reason I can’t install the Mac OS on the disk that I installed…it doesn’t give me a reason, it just says I can’t install it on that disk. Annoying.

Anyway I spent about four hours on it last night (in between working on other software things on another nearby computer)…and having made no reasonable progress I have tabled it for a future date. (I HATE being beat by a computer).

Once I gave up on that task, I decided to move on to a slightly more simple task - cleaning up the rest of my home network.

Around the house we now have three Windows based laptops, a Mac book laptop, two mac minis (one I just mentioned), and two Windows based desktops.

I also recently added in a Mac Time Capsule which I’m using to automatically back up the Macs (that are still alive).

We also have one laser printer, one ink jet printer, and one photo printer.

So what I wanted was pretty simple:

1. Each computer should be able to connect to any of the other computer’s drives (for file and print sharing).

2. Each computer should be able to print to any of the three printers.

3. Each computer should be able to back up it’s data to the time capsule.

The biggest catch here of course is just getting them all on the same network, with each of them having the proper sharing permissions. It’s not a hard task, but it takes time to accomplish.

The other catch is that right now the Windows machines don’t automatically back up to the Time Capsule (you have to manually do it).

But overall, things are finally starting to get organized around here…just in time for me to head out on vacation! :thumbsup:

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