Hey, are you a sports fan?

As of late I’ve been head’s down in a handful of really interesting things (more details to come on just what I’m digging into soon I promise)…and while it’s tons-o-fun to be building something new and exciting from scratch, it also generally means I lose almost all touch with the outside world.

I don’t pay attention to much news anyway, and I get enough of the interesting general tidbits from social media via my daily knowabout.it email, but the one area of my life that I do feel like I’m really missing out is often in the world of sports.

So, in my extremely limited free time, I started to build turfd (http://turfd.com) which basically aggregates sports stories from around the web (the idea is heavily influenced by what techmeme does with tech news).

I knew there was a ton of ‘professional’ content around sports getting published every day around the web…but I had no idea just how much there really was! (I’ve only plugged in about a dozen 'professional’ sources to turfd and already it’s logging about 1,500 stories a day!)

That’s a lot of sports to keep up with (and I have a list of another 50+ professional sources I plan to add over the next few weeks).

So as it evolves I’ll def. be using a lot of the tricks and knowledge I’ve learned form developing knowabout.it over the past year to help you discover the most personally relevant sports news…and I’ve got plans to implement a number of alerting and filter options soon as well (prob. only for subscribers though – sorry gotta pay the server bills on these side projects some how).

For now though - in my busy day where I only have a couple of minutes a day to catch up on the world of sports - I am finding turfd a perfect solution and I’m catching tons more interesting stories around sports than I ever have before.

So if you’re into sports - why not check out what’s already available at turfd? Then let me know what you think, and especially let me know how you would like to see me evolve it to fit your needs too!

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