Holidays, vacations, and down time.

If it weren’t for my wife and kids, I would barely notice holidays or weekends…and I probably wouldn’t take very many vacations.

It’s not that I don’t enjoy them, in fact I love spending that time with family and friends. It’s just that I don’t plan for the down time…and I’m not usually looking for a ‘break’.

Partially because I really enjoy what I do, and partially because I never feel like I have enough time to complete everything that I want to complete (in the time I want to complete it).

As much as possible, I force myself to take the down time (and my wife is really good at forcing me to do that as well)…but even still, on every vacation, holiday, and other 'break’ I tend to  sneak in at least a little coding (or other bit of 'work’).

For me, it’s just part of living the dream…

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