How much fun are you having?

In the real world most of us can’t fill our days entirely with fun. But if, at the end of most days, you were to look back and sum up your day…and some large percentage of it was not made up of ‘fun’…then why are really doing what you are doing?

It’s important to pay the bills…but if that’s at the cost of your happiness, and day-to-day fun, then perhaps it’s more important to rethink those bills in the first place.  Do you really need all the things that are tied to those bills?  How much more fun could you fill your day-to-day with if you just got rid of that stuff and focused on what really made you happy?

I think this is one of the secrets that the younger generations, the ones powering the sharing economy, are inherently aware of.

They are figuring out alternative ways to fund their experiences, and they are figure out ways to have more unique life experiences.  They are 'owning’ less but doing more and as one side result I think they may be filling their days, and their lives, with more day-to-day happiness.

There will always be some situations where you will have to power through unhappy periods. Times where you will have to do “real work”. Times when you will need “real money”…but if you can find a way to fill more of your days with fun and happiness hopefully these times won’t feel so long and draining.

…and if nothing else, at the end of it all, you’ll be able to look back on it all with a smile.

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