How you make something people love?

Last week I read the iWoz book by/about Steve Wozniack…then today I read a fairly recent interview with Steve Jobs….and ever since my brain has been a bit obsessed with the question of how to make something people will fall in love with.

Honestly I don’t have a good answer yet (if I did, I’d have done it already or be doing it right now)…what I do have so far though is a lot of experience in how to build things people don’t love – which doesn’t mean they don’t like it, it just means they don’t love it, they don’t become obsessed with it, and they don’t make it an integral part of their life.

But I really do want to build things that people fall in love with, so I’m trying to put some more thought into how I can do that…so far I’ve got these basic rules I think are at the core

1. It has to be simple. Simple to understand, simple to use.

2. It has to do something unique and hard to copy (while still being simple to understand the core concept/value)

3. It should be fun and/or interesting (even better if it’s also social or promotes social behavior).

That’s all I’ve come up with so far…seems simple enough, but as we all know it’s really hard to actually get these things right. But then again, I do like a challenge.

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