How's that project going?

Since releasing an early beta version of my project about a month ago, and gumroad getting a bit of press, I’ve had a few people randomly ask me about how it’s working out.

So I thought I would share some quick additional details.

First, the project is really just built around a personal desire I have had for a long time to know who is clicking on certain links I share. It’s not meant to be used all the time as a replacement for any other short url services, or even meant to be used for every link you share.

It’s simply meant to be used when you have a bit of content you want to be able to engage with people around…and for that rare use-case, on a personal level, I find that has been great for me.

That being said, I get a lot of feedback that the ‘log in required’ page is really horrible (and I agree)…and many people have said that page alone scares them off. So I’ve definitely got to improve that page (though I have zero budget for this project at the moment).  And until I do, I suspect that the service itself will probably only serve my tiny needs and not much else (I don’t think anyone else knows about, or uses yet anyway – though I do think the gumroad funding helps validate my concept at least a little bit).

Anyway, the service definitely is serving my own needs. As you can hopefully see from the screen shot above, it causes a lot of bounces and drops (I expected that when designing the service in the first place), but some REAL people actually are clicking through on the links I share…and when they do, I get to know who they are and have a chance to reach out and engage with them around that content.

So it may not be a world-changing service (yet) or getting a lot of hype or attention (most of my projects never do)…but it’s def. doing what I hoped it would for me on a personal level…and I think there’s a lot of untapped potential still to be fleshed out there (so I plan to continue to evolve it over time).

p.s. A nice bonus feature I added in is that you not only get to see who clicks on your stuff, you can now see what bots are also attempting to follow your shares – and when/how often. If you’ve got time, I would love to have you check it out at

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