I don't know if it's funny or sad...

So I listed seven or so of my personal projects yesterday and then I went to bed…and as is usually the case, as I tried to fall asleep I thought about all the different things I’m working on, trying to do, and especially trying to learn…and it occurred to me that of the seven projects I listed, I neglected to list two of the biggest, and most challenging projects I’m involved in right now:

1. Waypointme - a GPS related idea that a friend had and we are just starting to kick the tires on.

2. Project momentum - a semantic-like system for analyzing, trending, and discovering immediate relevance for content and people (initially being built in large part on top of the Twitter API)

When I thought about it a bit, I think I subconsciously neglected to mention them for a handful of reasons:

1. They are fairly large and ambitious projects.

2. They involve more technical people than just myself (something that is actually rare for me to be involved in).

3. They are in the very early stages, and so I have nothing to really show and actually very little (other than ideas and theories with very little data or proof to back them up) to share yet.

4. They involve a lot of information, concepts, and ideas that I don’t know much about yet (and so I’m also spending a large part of my time just trying to get up to speed on the important stuff).

So I didn’t mention them directly, but I can say that a lot of my little projects – if you break them down and peek behind the curtain – are building blocks for these larger goals and ideas. They are mini proof of concepts if you will or at least little ‘real’ projects that I am using to teach myself some of the basics of what I really want to do next in these bigger projects.

It’s a bit slow going (compared to the pace I generally like to work at), but in a lot of ways it’s really good for me to be challenging myself with projects of this scope and ambition right now.

I feel like both of them, regardless of their success, are helping me to get a jump on the 'next’ wave of things people are going to need/want to know about (semantics and GPS related things)…or at the very least I feel like I’m frantically working to catch up to the train just as it’s getting ready to leave the station on this stuff.

I don’t know if I’ll make the first train yet…but I do know I’ll be closer to catching it than the average person…and I like the idea of that as well.

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