I feel like RSS feeds will make a bit of comeback.

Over the past few days I added better/more RSS support to http://knowabout.it and so now you can easily hook in all the feeds you follow on Google Reader.

Since I was doing that, I was also just thinking a lot about RSS feeds in general…and how it’s really such a shame that they never *really* caught on with the general population. They contain so much great content, and they make it so easy to consume it (often without the ads or the clutter of visiting actual sites).

I think the adoption issue was mostly because it’s a little confusing to a non-techie to understand the idea of a feed and a reader…and you still have to do most of the work of ‘finding’ feeds on your own…add it all together and I think that equals 'not mainstream adoption’.

But I also fee like these are fixable problems…and of course I specifically feel like these are problems knowabout.it can help to fix. First by making it easy to use RSS (starting with recommendations on just what feeds to actually read)…and then later (once we hit a bit more scale) on helping you to figure out what RSS feeds to follow (or not).

We’ll see how it plays out…but either way, I do feel like there’s still a lot of potential in RSS and it’s ripe for the second go around on user adoption!

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