I haven't forgotten...

For those of you wondering, no I haven’t forgotten about my series on teaching you to program…and I promise that I’ll get that series going very soon.

I’m just off right now starting a new company around the latest and greatest version of knowabout.it, doing some contract work for bit.ly, building an alpha version of Tomzy (which, by the way, might be one of the first official clients to integrate the knowabout.it API), and the usual kid stuff (mostly football and Cub Scouts right now).

I’m also closing out the last ‘official’ things for the WheresFlu mobile application for my client (we’re in a testing/client sign-off phase really)…and doing what I can to keep a handful of the http://wow.ly tools up and running with as min. effort/support as I can get away with ;-)

So anyway, yes lots going on, but that’s no excuse and I promise to get the series going sooner rather than later…so stay tuned!

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