I miss Ruby...

I’ve got a few post ideas that have been floating around in my head for the past few weeks. But by the time I get around to posting for the night, my motivation has been all but wiped out and my thoughts are pretty much a jumble…so once again I’m going to delay posting about any of those thoughts and dump out something a little different. With my work at Bowker I’ve been spending most of my development time in PHP, with a little here and there in Perl. My development work with reviews.com keeps me mostly in Coldfusion and Java. And my own projects like fubnub, botfu, and draftwizard are primarily being done in PHP and Perl right now too. What all of this means is that I really haven’t been doing much of anything in Ruby as of late. That’s a bit of shame really because I love working in Ruby (and it happens to be the only language I’ve had material published for so far - so you would think I would be doing tons in Ruby)…anyway, since I’ve been missing Ruby tonight I thought I would dump out a quick and easy Ruby code sample to get at least a little flavor around here tonight:

require “net/http” feedurl = ‘http://blog.botfu.com/?feed=rss2’ pagedata = Net::HTTP.get_response(URI.parse(feedurl)) puts pagedata.body

This little bit of code simply grabs the RSS feed of this very blog and dumps it out to the screen (so yes, it’s a bit of generic screen scrape code). Nothing too fancy, but it’s actually a VERY powerful bit of code that I use in a lot of quick hacks…and best of all it’s only a line or two of actual code. Anyway, I just thought I would share that little tidbit tonight. I’m going to be cleaning up some of my back end processing code for the Draftwizard challenges (and other things), and so I’ll probably dip back into Ruby then (some of it’s already in Ruby, and some is in Java – I think I would prefer to move it all to Ruby over time). So what’s your favorite back end processing language of de’ jour?

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