I really don't care about money.

As everyone knows the economy is tanking and so this appears to be all that people want to talk about right now. How to get your business to survive, how to protect your 401k, how to keep your house…and a million other ‘how to’ articles are all I’m finding around the 'blogosphere’ right now.

But I’m going to share a personal little secret with you…if you were in business just to make money…you were in the wrong business…and it’s probably a good thing you are tanking right now.

Don’t get me wrong, we all need to make money since that is how society has decided over the years we are all going to interact and function…but my point is that, people put too much energy, faith, and time into the idea of money. What every happened to doing something just because of the challenge, or god-forbid, just because it was fun and interesting?

If all I cared about was money, I would simply spend all my time consulting…something that I can easily make a nice chunk of change on…but as it is I feel like I do too much consulting already. Every dollar I earn consulting, is a dollar earned for time I am not doing something for myself…something I’m more interested in, or something that I think is going to be more beneficial to the world than helping company X build an e-commerce site.

Even with my own projects, I’ll admit I am influenced by the drive to revenues…but it’s been my experience, the projects that I start (or continue) with a primary objective outside of pulling in a buck, have a lot more stickiness and generally just 'feel’ more authentic.

I suspect that it’s the same for others - though they may not really pay attention to it as much as I do.

I guess growing up poor, I was taught at an early age (by society in general) to pay attention to money…to notice who has it and who doesn’t…and you would think not having it most of my life, I would have this burning desire to get it, and keep it. But really I don’t. I have the same desire as anyone else to get and do the things that money allows for, but the money itself, I’m just not that much of a fan of.

Perhaps it’s BECAUSE I grew up poor…maybe it’s just comfortable…or, I like think, it’s just because I’ve been down that path, I know what it’s like to be poor…and, for the most part, if you are the right kind of person…it’s not that bad.

Of course I’m not talking - no house, no food, no clothes poor…I’m pretty sure that really would suck…but I like to think that my work ethic (and my wife’s) along with our financial decisions pretty much assures us we’ll never really be that poor (I guess I like to think and HOPE that).

Anyway - I’ve rambled on about this enough for one night…and I fret that I’m not making much sense as usual…besides it’s all very easy for the current me (the one that actually has a bit of cash and more work than I can shake a stick at) to say I don’t like money…we’ll see if I am signing the same song in the future…because you never know what it will bring :thumbsup:

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