I skipped out tonight...

My wife decided that tonight would be a good night for me to go see the latest Hulk movie…and since I’ve learned not to argue with her, I took the motorcycle and did as she suggested.

I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about the movie, so I was sort of excited to see what all the fuss was about. I have to say that I think the movie lives up to the hype. Not that it’s hard to do, but it blows the other Hulk movie away by far.

I also thought it was smart that at the end of Iron man (after all the credits) they tease an Avengers movie…and then at the end of Hulk (just before the credits) they tease an Avengers movie again.

Even if they just stick with the same cast between those two movies it’s shaping up to be a BIG hit. We’ll have to see.

Anyway, ducking out to catch the movie ate up most of my night…but I did still manage to get a few things thrown together on bar.ackoba.ma - it’s actually getting really close to being ready for people to use/play with…but I have to figure something out for the design because it’s really clunky right now…

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