Ignite NYC

OK - first I just got home from Ignite NYC…and it’s about 12:30 am…so forgive my ramble for the night and I’ll try to make this quick (I do have to get with the kids and that ‘job’ thing in a few hours)…anyway some quick thoughts:

1. The venue was pretty bad - too much bar and not enough 'venue’.

2. Five minutes on a good or interesting subject is WAY too short…but five minutes on a topic I don’t care about (or you just didn’t do very well) is a FREAKING long time.

3. Perhaps I’m a bit biased because I now sort of know Charlie and Nate…but I think they had two of the best talks of the night…Charlie’s was especially entertaining (and I really thought I wasn’t going to care about his topic…maybe the surprise of it all is what made it so interesting?).

4. I also enjoyed the undercover hooker talk (started the night), the physical computer talk (early on and just a topic I thought was interesting)…there were a few in the middle that appealed to me but needed a bit more polish to really be memorable…and then beyond the two guys I already mentioned, the last talk of the night (NY Times guy about News) was also pretty darn interesting.

5. Overall it was fun and interesting to see who was in the crowd…honestly I don’t know a lot of people around the scene in NYC (outside of my personal circle I mean)…but the few 'industry’ people I do know were all there…that included Zed Shaw (I didn’t get a chance to actually say hi to him because he disappeared), Leanord Richardson (and his wife), and of course Charlie and Nate (since they were both doing talks)…

6. Pete (the friend/co-worker I dragged with me to the event) and I were talking about doing something sim. within Bowker for the Tech staff…the concept of quick/limited presentations seems like a perfect fit for getting the staff to at least know about all the projects and technologies everyone else is working in/on….

That’s it for now…I’ve got a ton more floating around in my head tonight, but I guess I’ll store it away for what will probably turn out to be a pretty interesting dream sequence (if I remember the dreams in the morning, perhaps I’ll pop back here and share).

BTW - I finally got to meet Nate in person for a few seconds…very awesome. He’s a very nice and entertaining guy…I hope to get a chance to actually hang out with him and get some one on one time eventually. We’ll see.

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