I'm in a throwback kind of mood.

By the time you read this there’s a good chance that DeAngelo Hall will no longer be an Atlanta Falcon (he’ll be a Raider). In the grand scheme of things, this really doesn’t bother me. I like him as a player, and so I liked having him be a Falcon. But he isn’t such a great player that we can’t afford to lose him (and in fact I agree that we can’t afford to pay him).

My issue is more with the fact that this marks yet another player who’s jersey I own and can no longer wear!

I usually have one Falcon jersey at a time, which I wear most game days. So once again I’m left with having to find a jersey for a player I like. It really wouldn’t be that bad if it wasn’t for the fact that I’ve been having to do this WAY too much over the past few years.

It’s finally annoyed me enough, that I’m most likely going to finally break down and cough up the extra dough to just buy a throwback (probably a Tuggle). That way I won’t have to worry about them leaving the team ever again!

Actually it’s also fitting as I’ve been in a bit of a throwback mood lately anyway. For example, I’m really getting into a bit of a throwback language – at least a throwback for me…

The first language I picked up when I got into ‘web programming’ back in '93 or '94 was Perl. I initially picked up most of the language at that time thanks to the 'camel’ book from O'Reilly (Programming Perl) and pure trial and error.

Eventually I ended up in a job at a company that didn’t use Perl, and so slowly I started to move into other languages. Over time, I stopped using Perl all together and haven’t used it in years now - def. not at all in the 2000’s!

It’s not that I didn’t like Perl, in fact I loved Perl. I just didn’t have a reason to use it for a long time and so I let my skills sort of dwindle away. In fact it wasn’t until I started getting into Ruby that I even thought much about Perl again (Ruby was orig. designed to be the 'next version of Perl’ and there are a lot of sim. between the two languages really).

Though I still didn’t really have a reason to go back to Perl (all the other languages I now know and dabble in seem to handle my needs quite well), I at least start to think about it again from time to time. Ah that first love - it just seems to stick with you forever.

Anyway, I was recently browsing the computer section of my local bookstore (which I do quite a bit really) and I saw the latest edition of 'Programming Perl’ (3rd edition) on the shelves. I flipped through it a bit and boy was I surprised! Perl has come a long long way since I last used it.

It appears that pretty much everything all the 'modern’ or at least 'newer’ languages like Ruby can do, Perl can do (and has been doing for a long time). There’s OOP. There’s templating. There’s even an MVC framework (catalyst)!

Needless to say, I bought the book (I had lost my first edition a long time ago anyway) and I’ve been working my way through it the past few days. It’s coming back to me pretty quickly, but I’m also learning a ton about things that either are new since I last played with Perl or I just didn’t know about back then (which wouldn’t surprise me).

I haven’t actually gone ahead and put together any Perl programs just yet, but I do have a little MySpace app I was thinking about building anyway. So I’ll probably do it in Perl, if for no other reason than to do it in Perl!

And of course I’ll probably have some of that adventure to share with you - so stay tuned. The throwback machine is warming up!

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