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I’ve started to let my reading list pile up a bit at the end of the year (likely because of all the end-of-year lists and recommendations people are sharing)…so in no particular order here is my current (on-device) queue to work through over the next week or two:

Disruption Revolution (on my Kindle) - I’m about 87% through this one and have found it pretty good (three or four of the interviews were full of killer insight/info). I found this one initially because of a tweet by Jerry Colonna (his is one of the great interviews *in* the book)

Hooked (on my Kindle) - This was a freebie (until the end of the year) that I noticed thanks to a tweet by Keith Petri

Startup Boards (on my Kindle) - This was a recommendation via a blog post by Brad Feld (who is also one of the authors).

Make Art Make Money (on my Kindle) - This is a Kindle serial that I started when it first came out. I’m about 47% through it now (I’ve fallen behind because of some of the other things I got into reading – but I’ll get back to and finish this up soon).

Just Enough Research (on my Kindle) - This is one of the recent releases from A Book Apart. I’m a big fan of all the stuff A Book Apart puts out, so I generally buy them all. I’m only 25% into this one so far.

The Founder’ Dilemmas (on my Kindle) - This was a recommendation from Tobin Schwaiger (I think - it’s been awhile). I am only 17% into this one because I’ve had a tough time really getting into it.

Until it Hurts (via Audible) - This is the older book by Mark Hyman around Youth Sports (who also wrote The Most Expensive Game in Town). I’m about 50% through this one and loving every minute of it as well.

Super Mario: How Nintendo Conquered America (via Audible) - This just looked really interesting to me and so I’m looking forward to digging into it very soon.

How an Economy Grows and Why it Crashes (via Audible) - I’ve been on an ‘understand money better’ kick lately. So this is just another book of interest in that realm.

The History of Money (via Audible) - See the above note.

The Believing Brain (via Audible) - I’m fascinated thinking about this topic and have read a handful of other good sources around the subject over the years as well (when I was a kid, I dabbled with the dream of growing up to be a psychologist).

So that’s 11 things in my queue at the moment…some of which I’m already at least partially through…I’ll probably try to power through most of this queue before I look to add any more (though I do have an ever growing wish list on Audible)…but you never know what other end-of-year recommendation lists I’ll read over the next few days that just might motivate me to add a few more :-)

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