Introducing fuzzpop

Today I ‘officially’ released the first version of as yet another tool for social data.

For those of you counting, that makes six 'in production’ projets within the suite (,,, HiveMind,, and…and I have at least seven more 'in development’ at the moment as well…but that is really a tangent to this post because what I really want to talk about is fuzzypop!

So what is fuzzypop and what’s it do?

On the most basic level fuzzypop is a tool that uses your social graph to help you manage information overload. On a slightly more technicnal level, it’s really a social bookmarking tool that includes a 'tipping point’ feature.

The primary feature is an extension for Google Chrome that hopefully users install and start using to tag/bookmark the things they find interesting around the internet…so in this way, it’s very much like…but what I think makes it very different is that there is also an option to set a number so that you can be alerted when enough of your friends also bookmark the URL.

In fact, one of my primary motivations for building fuzzypop was to try and tackle the 'tipping point’ problem for events…I give an example of the tipping point problem and how I think this new tool helps fix it on the homepage so I won’t repeat it here, but it definiately was the primary motivation behind many of my design decisions and general thinking behind the project.

So I think the alerting bit is really cool…and actually the extension itself will show you the number of your friends that have already marked the page (and who they are) whenever you visit the page (for those friends that tagged it before you)…but I *think* the angle of tying social bookmarks to your social graph also gives the project a lot of potential and options for the future.

For example, once enough people start using it, I’ll be able to tell you what things and events are trending within your own social graph…I’ll be able to tell you what parts of your social graph are interested in the same things as each other and which have very different interests (making you the interesting intersection of both)…plus I’ll be able to do some really interesting people focused things (remember I’m all about the people focus) and introduce you to interesting things AND people based on what your sharing, what your social graph is sharing, and what’s passing through fuzzypop as a whole…

Anyway, overall I think it shows potential for being a good solution…but there are a lot of little UI issues I’ve still got to figure out and improve (especially the hooks into each user’s social networks as it’s a bit clunky right now)…and, because it’s a multi-step process, I think I’ve got a bit of an uphill battle on getting people to understand AND start using it (so please give it a go and make sure to tell all your friends about it too).

But hey it’s a start…and it’s been fun/interesting to build so far regardless of where it goes from here (and if nothing else, it gives me more experience with Chrome extensions and a nice little bookmarking tool for my own use).

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