I’ve had this idea bouncing around in my head for awhile now about trying to cross with…and what would it look like, how should it act, what could it be used for?

Well, I finally got a chance to sit down and code out an initial working prototype for it at (and blog a little bit more about the idea at - btw would love thoughts, feedback, and comments out there).

Though I think it’s got some interesting things built in as a potential destination site…the thing I’m most excited to play around with is the concept of embedding your pops into your existing blog…which, if all goes well you should see an example of what that might look like below (featuring an initial test pop by my friend VictusFate – that you should totally use one of your initial free fuzzypop credits to read):


Once I work out all the initial kinks I’ll start sharing the details on just how to embed your own pops into your own blogs (it’s just a few lines of javascript and then a matter of listing your pop url in a blog post – for the curious of you out there; view source on this page to dig into the details early).

Anyway - this is the latest hack I’m playing around with…whadda ya think?

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