iPhone to Android

I wasn’t super early, but I did have one of the first generation iPhones a few years back. And about the time that it was ‘getting old’ I had a freelance project to develop a mobile app for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry. My wife had an iPhone as well (and a BlackBerry from her job), so I switched to an Android at the time.

I forget the model that I picked at that time, but I’m sure it was close to 'top of the line’ at the time (when buying gadgets I generally end up up-selling myself to the latest and greatest).

Anyway - I used it throughout the project and for at least a few months after, but it really was just too clunky and bloated compared to the iPhone of the time.  So I eventually switched back to the iPhone.

The latest model of the iPhone available that switch was the 4 (with 3g) and so that is what I got…and for the most part it served me well.

That is until the iOS 7 release came out.

About a month or so ago, I installed the new OS and my iPhone was almost immediately rendered useless. Sometimes it just wouldn’t turn on (or off), sometimes the screen would just completely lock up (and I would have to wait for it to turn itself off from being idle before I could do anything else with it), and sometimes it would just close an app it didn’t feel like running anymore.

To be honest, I don’t actually use my phone for that much (email, music, audible, ocassional twitter/facebook checks, and few rare texts or phone calls) - but when I do use it, I just want it to respond quickly (very quickly).

So for about a month I suffered through thinking/hoping that Apple would release an update that fixed up the memory issues…but yesterday (for no specific reason) I finally hit my breaking point.

Partially because of how frustrating it has been to use the phone this past month, and partially because it’s been awhile since I’ve given Android a real look (and many of my friends have been loving it)…I decided this time I would switch back to Android.

So - I have now switched to the Galaxy S4.

It’s a little too early to judge yet, but I can say that at least it starts and closes as I ask, doesn’t freeze up, and doesn’t (yet) crash when I try for simple things like 'play song’ or 'check email’.

Honestly I’m still a little surprised that Apple (so close to having just really lost Jobs) would put out something that would break their stuff so horribly…and that they appear not to be in any hurry to fix it.  It’s the little things like this which have me really concerned for the long term health of Apple (even though they are still killing it on the books).

I wonder how many others they are driving away with experiences like this…and I wonder if they’ll be able to win any of us back (so far I’m impressed enough to say Android has at least caught up if not passed them in many ways).

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