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As I’ve mentioned from time to time, I’m currently pouring through a handful of projects right now. Each one is at a unique stage, and each one has it’s own challenge that I’m currently battling.

However, the thing I find most interesting about all the work as a whole is that it seems like it’s always easier to improve or fix something than it is to ‘create’ something. When you take a second to think about it, it probably seems really obvious (so sometimes I find the obvious interesting, sue me).

When it comes to code, I actually enjoy the challenge of creating and designing something that does not yet exist…I tend to hit the wall when we get into the refinement and tweak phase.

Meanwhile, with content creation (things like this blog, and my attempt at writing books and articles) the wall is more at the start. It’s not that I don’t have ideas or visions of what content I want to create, it’s more that I struggle with the process of getting them out of my head and into something that actually makes sense (and flows reasonably well).

The process I have found to work best for me so far involves doing an outline or free form thought dump, then going back and revising, revising, revising.

This blog is more an example of the random thought dump – or the beginning stages if you will. Were I to take any of these posts and attempt to use them for a 'professional’ article (or book), I would clearly need to do a lot of edits and reorganization. In many cases I would need to add data to complete thoughts. In many other cases, I would need to remove clutter to clear up thoughts. Oh and in all cases, I would need to learn to spell better :-)

And you know the really funny thing about all of this…regardless of if it’s my attempts at code, my attempts at designing something, or my attempts at writing something…I never end up happy with my results (it’s always so much better in my head before I let it all slip out to the world!)…ahh but such is life I guess. Such is life.

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