It's not what I missed...

I’ve been active in and around the internet since about ‘93 or '94.

In that time, I’ve seen people:

1. Get rich buying domain names (I didn’t)

2. Get rich starting a fluff company in the 'web 1.0’ (I didn’t).

3. Get rich from stock options (I didn’t).

4. Get rich investing in Apple, Amazon, Google, Twitter, Tumblr, Yahoo, Facebook, and many others (I didn’t).

5. And lately get rich buying Bitcoin (I haven’t bought a single one).

…there are lots of other trends, fads, and financially world-changing events that I’ve been present for and yet in-active in…and when you stop to think about all these missed opportunities, it’s easy to get depressed (and feel like an idiot).

But the truth is, missing out on all of these things doesn’t bother me one bit. Sure in hindsight I would have liked to have taken the risk, but at the time of each, I’ve had very solid reasons (or more honestly limitations) that made them unreasonable for me.

And through it all, I’ve stayed focused on improving my own skills, experience, and knowledge…which has allowed for a pretty nice quality of life…and has put me in the position to continue to be present as more opportunities present themselves…and ultimately is what has put me in position to execute on my own vision and take control of my own fate.

And in the end, that’s where all my 'real’ wealth and opportunity lies anyway.

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