I've done this 34 times before...

Of course I don’t remember the first few, or many of the ones in the middle now that I think about it…but that’s not surprising as birthdays have never been a big deal for me. I’ve always thought that it was funny to celebrate the fact that you were born. If anything, I always thought it should be a day you honor your parents…after all they are the ones that did all the hard work of actually brining you into the world.

Alas that is not how our society views things. At least I usually get some cool presents thanks to my awesome wife and kids…so I guess I can’t complain too much!

As for the rest of the day, I spent a lot of time working on a Perl script to handle some limited data (and schema) migration details for an Oracle database (I plan to blog more about that once I get the kinks worked out and have time to explain myself).

I also spent a tiny tiny tiny amount of time doing some touch up to the Draftwizard.com code I’ve been porting.

And I spent a little time bouncing around other’s blogs commenting on a few things that struck my interest/fancy…as a part of that process I started to look into disqus.com a bit more…I want to add them in as a source for fubnub, and I’m thinking about replacing my home-grown comment system for this very blog with them…I just need to dig into their docs a bit more to see what I can really do before I make the leap.

I do really like the fact that they have many adopters already and that you can have comment threads span across many sites…I just have a feeling there is a downside (there always is right)…and until I know what that is, I’m not quite ready to do anything (actually I *think* the biggest downside is that you give up much of the control of the layout and custom functionality you might bake in yourself)

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