Just because...

I have to rant just a little bit tonight…just because millions of people use something does not actually mean that the ‘something’ is still not stupid.

I know I’m in the minority here, but seriously why do people love Twitter so much?

For those of you that aren’t really in the know about Twitter just yet…it’s what they call 'micro blogging’. Basically it’s like text messaging (in that you have limited message length and can do posts from your phone or whatever) combined with blogging (in that you can have lots of people subscribe to your twitter feed and 'follow’ you and your actions).

What I personally find stupid about the whole thing is that for the most part, it’s gobs and gobs of time wasting, junk data.

Do I need to know what people are doing every second of every day? (no)

Even if you’re my best friend in the world (and since you are reading this, you know that you are)…do I care what you are doing right now or say, in five minutes from now? (no)

Even for the few that use Twitter for legit business or news purposes, I can’t imagine wanting or needing to know things via this format…(if I was into stocks or some very time-sensative thing, perhaps there is some advantage to it).

It’s even more frustrating to me that things like this continue to explode onto the scene and rake in millions upon millions of dollars…with little-to-no business plan or revenue model (though, I admit they eventually figure out how to make money - they don’t start that way).

Still I know I’m crazy because everywhere I go online and just about everyone I know (online) seems to absolutely love Twitter (and have for about a year now)…and it won’t be the first craze I’m not a fan of …and it won’t be the first craze I was around for the start of but still missed the boat on…and it won’t be the first craze that I just plain don’t get…

Worst of all…it won’t be the last either…but such is life right?

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