A little more action going on with BotFu today…again most of which is behind the scenes and not all that interesting to share right now…but I did manage to get a new feature to BotFu fight out…

Now, when you KO another fighter, you earn the right to change their fighter alias and logo. And they are locked out of changing the alias or logo themselves until they KO another fighter!

While I was at it, I threw in a few special stipulations…you can’t change an alias or logo for a bot…and to get control of your own settings back, you must first knock out another ‘real’ fighter (ie. not a bot).

Really it’s a subtle little game feature, but I think it’s the type of thing that can help make the game really addictive and social…at least I know I’m going to be having some fun with it the next few days.

The other somewhat big thing I did tonight was to re-organize all the source code files…even though I had been attempting to keep a solid organization from the start of this project, it’s inevitable that as features and your code base grow (in unplanned ways), you are probably going to need to do some reorganization.

In this case, I thought it was best to bite the bullet now before I let it get too much further out of hand…and actually I wanted to get somethings in shape before we started putting the fresh new skin on the site (which I’m hoping is something we are going to start tackling within the next week or so).

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