Kyle Brady is cool.

I went to elementary and middle school with guy name Kyle Brady…in fact for a brief few months back in those days I would have said Kyle was my best friend.

But as was the case with lots of my friends from various points in life - we went in different directions…I don’t think we had a falling out or anything like that (if we did I’ve blocked it from my mind)…and throughout our school days I think we were friendly (but we didn’t really hang out).

In fact, I haven’t seen or heard much about my friend Kyle since high school (I did hear a rumor that he became a lawyer or something and may even live out in the NY area now…but that’s all unconfirmed).

Anyway - the Kyle Brady I’m referring to in my subject is not that Kyle Brady…no.

Even though I’m a huge NFL fan (and former NY Jets season ticket holder)…It’s also not the former New York Jets tight end Kyle Brady either…no.

The Kyle Brady I’m referring to in my subject line is a guy that was mere 5 years old when I graduated high school (OK maybe he was six, my math isn’t always that great).

So how did I meet him and why do I think, of all the Kyle Bradys, he’s the coolest right now?

Well I first came across him thanks to mention in the Lightspeed ventures blog…it was a pretty interesting controversy stirring around, and I wanted to get both sides of the story…

Once I jumped over to Kyle’s blog I found myself agreeing with a lot of what he had been blogging about…and so I added his feed to my google reader…and I’ve been following him since.

Normally that would be the end of my action…I would just quietly follow his feed, end of story. But Kyle’s one of the few people who always seem to post things that make me want to get in on the conversation too (via comments)…and so every so often I find myself adding my two cents to his posts (usually my worthless two cents, but whatever).

Tonight I took a second to think about who and where I ‘get in on the conversation’…and really it’s not that many places…Charlie’s blog is still my favorite (and he’s got a lot of readers)…and I really enjoy Fred’s blog too (but he has too many readers, and too many people trying to get noticed by commenting…so I really try to hold back on commenting out there myself)…and recently I’ve been a big fan of Nate’s blog too (again he’s got a pretty decent amount of followers already)…and that’s about it as far as regular activity goes (I guess sometimes I do post on Sarah’s blog - but not as regular as the others).

Anyway, my point is that, anyone who can motivate me into 'comment action’ like Kyle does…is pretty cool in my book…and he gets special props because he’s doing it with a lot less followers or 'industry influence/experience’ (so far) than most of the other people who seem to have the knack.

For those handful of readers who do follow me (most of which are long time friends who also probably know the first Kyle I’m talking about – btw, drop me any rumors you’ve heard about his whereabouts)…anyway those of you that do follow me should do the same for Kyle…I think you’ll enjoy what you find!

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