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I love Seth Godin’s thoughts. His books have all been quick, fun, and interesting reads and his daily blog posts always make you smile and think at the same time (in fact I would reference and share them more if it was easier to have conversations around those thoughts at the source – but he’s always been against the idea of comments on his blog).

When you step back and look at the things he gets you to buy into, you realize that he really just frames and explains things that you already inherently know or believe…but he does it in a way that makes it feel new, interesting, and educational all at the same time.

Also - in my brief email conversations and online interactions with him, you get the feeling the guy actually lives what he preaches. He’s authentic.

To me that’s brilliant marketing AND teaching.

So in his post today, Seth dropped the news that he’s going to be teaching a course on Skillshare starting Jan. 15th.

I have to be honest, when I first read this there’s a large part of me that thinks, “This sounds great for other people starting stuff, but I don’t really need this class. I’ve already been spending a ton of time and energy thinking about all the angles and strategy around building the Coach Wizard brand, company, and initial product. He’s just going to confirm stuff I’ve already figured out…”

But as I’ve mentioned a few times in the past, one of the secrets to my (limited) success so far is to remember “Don’t be above it

The truth is there will be lots of little nuggets revealed throughout this class that either I didn’t already know or at least wasn’t thinking clearly about.

I’m positive Seth, and the rest of his tribe, will help clarify and strengthen my Coach Wizard efforts as a whole through this course.

Besides the class is pretty cheap (and you can use a discount code available via Seth’s post) and really worst case I know Seth always puts on a good show well worth the cost of admission.

So I anxiously signed up (after fighting with the Skillshare login/checkout system which seems to be having serious trouble keeping up with the demand this morning) and am really looking forward to the experience.

Anyway - if you’re starting a company or are the in early stage of starting something, you should give the class a look and consider joining me in it.

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