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So as expected, I didn’t get much of my weekend to-do list done over the weekend…but as usual, I still have some things I want to talk about tonight! First, the one thing I did get to put some time into this past weekend was implementing more of my semantic filter ideas into this very blog. I’m happy to say that version one is already working! Basically when I create a new post, I get a semantic signature for that post. I also use some of the semantic results to tag up the post (they aren’t 100% relevant to content, but they are pretty good). From that point on, when someone adds a comment to the post, the comment also gets a semantic signature. Then behind the scenes the main post signature and the comment signature are evaluated as a set. If the two produce a good enough match, the post will automatically be added to the site and viewable for all…if they don’t meet the min. requirement I set, they get flagged for approval and won’t be visible on the site until I manually approve them. Overall I think it’s a pretty cool start of a system and I already have a handful of improvements and ideas to add to it…the deadline for the semantic hacker challenge is in a few days, so I’m also working on wrapping all of this stuff up into a ‘prototype’ that I can submit. I doubt my idea is going to be picked as the winner of the challenge, but I figure it won’t hurt to submit it…and maybe just maybe they’ll like my long 'wish’ list of things that could be done with it enough to give me a pity award :) Speaking of ideas, I had a couple other little ones I think have potential today…here they are in raw form:

bar.ackoba.ma idea: Twitter like service that asks “What do you care about?” - Users can log their own answers as well as pick from existing ideas (others have posted) - Users can sort the things they personally care about (so you can see what someone cares the most about) - Overall rankings are generated for the things people care about the most (and are ranked the highest within those lists). - Users can comment and have discussions on any 'answer’ - Users can follow others to see what their friends care about

Gifties: Connect your friends to the gifts that fit them best. 1. You get a set of 'starter’ gifts. 2. You give each gift to the friend you think would like it the most. (1 point for each give). 3. You earn 1 point for each day they keep the gift. 4. You lose 5 points if they re-gift your gift. User generated gift details (title, content). How to motivate people not to re-gift when an item is a good fit? Points for keeping X number of items? Rate how much you like the gift you got?

There are a bunch more questions that each idea brings up (that’s sort of the fun part of it all for me)…but that was the start of what I could quickly log about each idea as it hit me… So - what do you think?

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