LikeFeature - an open sentiment web service

Inspired by an article on ReadWriteWeb about I saw Thursday night I went ahead and hacked together the basics of what I envision as a true OpenLike system.

You can see it in action at

Basically it’s an open web service (or at least the start of one) for sentiment. That is anyone can put sentiment data in, and anyone can pull sentiment data out.

If it get’s included in OpenLike as a service (which I’m working on making happen as a member of the OpenLike google group), it can serve as generic ‘like’ and 'dislike’ features.

Anyway, here are few key points about my vision and this quick hack:

1. Yes, it’s pretty ugly…I really just wanted to get v1 out there and working so I could have something people can actually kick the tires on as we all debate the 'proper’ way to do an open sentiment system…if people like this take, I will find some people to help me polish the look up.

2. I only added Twitter login so far…it’s trivial to add in the others but again I wanted to kick the tires before I spent too much time on extras…I’ll add in some others like facebook in the next day or two (as I find time and as people show interest)

3. I actually built most of this off the back of OpenLike (including porting the OpenLike javascript that people can use to plug the like feature in right away - but mostly only for testing). I would really prefer to have LikeFeature as an option of OpenLike instead of being yet another competitor to OpenLike (or facebook like and others).

4. When someone 'likes’ something, the data only goes as far as getting put into the store (which is just a SimpleDB store by the way)…currently it would be up to each service (or any developer that’s interested) to write systems to then pull the data they care about back out.

Eventually, I can write some settings for users to have the system automatically push out their sentiment to the system they auth'ed with if they like…but I really view that as secondary to the primary goal of an open sentiment system.

I think a 'Like’ feature should be about the user sharing sentiment, and the world being able to act upon that sentiment (not just the auth. system collecting it and sharing it with a social graph).

Anyway - it’s a start…kick the tires…break it (should be easy enough to do)…and def. give me some feedback on this approach and idea…

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