little distractions...

I was working with a friend on Friday trying to bring him up to speed on some basic web development stuff…and so I ended up being a little too distracted to post.

Throughout the weekend, we had a pretty full social calendar – going out for an ‘no kids’ night with some friends back on Long Island Sat. and hitting a kids birthday party on Sunday. So I was too busy to post.

Monday I spent a lot of time debugging production code for some critical features for the day job. When I got “home” (usually I work at home for the day job, so I just mean when I switched hats), I was all set in my mind to do a post on 'growing up poor’…but then I got involved in some updates for hero brawl and the next thing I knew it was about 1am and I was too tired to post.

So, in the past few days I’ve been too distracted, too busy, and too tired to post. That sounds all good, but the reality is, I’ve just been too lazy to post. I could have squeezed in a few minutes each day to post some rambling thoughts (like this one), but I just didn’t.

I bring this up, because my laziness is something I struggle with each and every day. Sure I do a ton of stuff, and I’m always moving something forward a least a little bit…but I’m still never as productive or as active as I could be. Or as I should be. It’s something I know about myself, and just something I have to keep working on.

Anyway, on to some other tidbits:

1. I did finally convert the comments section of this blog from my own custom commenting system to that of Disqus…I struggled with the decision for awhile because it’s so simple to build a commenting system…but in the end, the network effects you get from a system like disqus that already has large adoption is what really makes it valuable in my mind. It’s also nice to dump off some of the more annoying chores/tasks of a comment system (like dealing with spam) so that I can focus on the other things I find more interesting.

2. We’ve been pushing hard with hero brawl to get what we are considering a first version out by Nov. 1st. On one hand it’s funny because the game has been available since Feb. when I was the only one working on it (and playing it for that matter)…but the basic idea was that we wanted to set a date to work towards for certain goals. The hope was it would keep us focused and active, and as far as that goes, I think it’s worked well for that. I think the biggest problem we are still having with the project as a whole is the lack of an overall plan…we are just sort of making stuff up as we go, and since we are a VERY small team (me and two friends), we can get away with it. But since we have no 'REAL’ plan, it’s a bit of a mess figuring out what to do when and it’s easy to lose sight of what we are trying to do (esp. since what we are trying to do can so easily change from day to day).

3. I’m planning on going to an event tonight labeled “Going to the Mattresses”…it’s basically going to be advice for startups on how to survive through tough economic times…ie. how to live poor. In a lot of ways I find this funny, because what startup do you know that doesn’t already survive poor? I also find this especially funny because who really needs advice on how to be poor? (I’ve had a lot of first hand exp. on being poor – so I’m pretty sure I don’t need any advice on doing it!). Still, I think it’s going to be very interesting to see what people’s views on the future of the market and how it relates to startups goes…so I’m really looking forward to it. Oh and it should give me a chance to catch up with some of my favorite people involved in startups in NYC too…so that’s always a bonus.

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