Looking for ideas...

I’ve got about 60 domains in my collection right now and only about 17 of them are actually ‘in production’…and though I’ve got ideas (or some might say dreams) for the 43 that I haven’t yet 'officially’ released, I’m always in search of new and better ideas for things to build.

I can also say that without a doubt, the best ideas for projects and things to build come from other people (ie. not me)…so if you’ve got something on your mind that you'de like to see built or played with a bit, drop me a comment and maybe I’ll hack something up for you!

p.s. I’m especially having fun with Google Chrome extensions…so a good idea involving a Chrome extension would def. jump to the top of my list right now ;-)

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This is the personal blog of Kevin Marshall (a.k.a Falicon) where he often digs into side projects he's working on for digdownlabs.com and other random thoughts he's got on his mind.

Kevin has a day job as CTO of Veritonic and is spending nights & weekends hacking on Share Game Tape. You can also check out some of his open source code on GitHub or connect with him on Twitter @falicon or via email at kevin at falicon.com.

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